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To head to straight to the UNITS in the PROGRAM  click on TEACHERS in the menu above 

On this page you’ll find some general information about the program, preparatory activities and links to a new single webpage for each unit.

The new pages contain all you’ll need for each unit of work including:

  • an introduction to the unit;
  • downloadable teachers and greenthumbs kits;
  • a list of real world days and dates relating to the units and links to the relevant Pinterest pages;
  • videos (click in the bottom right-hand corner to play full screen) and songs; and
  • NEW! a guide to the unit’s key activities and how the unit meets the National Quality Standards and Outcomes of the Early Years Framework.

You can also download a complete mapping of the program (Excel document) to the NQS and to Being, Belonging, Becoming below and you can cross reference the Standards and Outcomes on our new framework mapping page.

We hope you enjoy the new features of the site. Please let us know what you think and contact us if you have any problems or questions.

It’s time to Get Grubby!

Links to Unit Pages

Overview and preparatory documents

Get Grubby Program Overview


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Get Grubby and the National Framework