dirtgirlworld’s get grubby program focuses on the enrichment of the early learner; support for their educators; and inspiring the child to share their experiences and new learnings with their family. It is an integrated curriculum project that aims to address and explore the key learning outcomes of the National Quality framework for Early Childhood Education and Care.

get grubby is created and produced by the 2013 Digital EMMY: Digital Program – Children and Young People, and the 2013 Green Lifestyle Magazine Kids Company of the Year, dirtgirlworld team.

Program units

1.      Getting ready to get grubby…a preparation unit

2.      Get grubby…exploring the natural world

3.      Get funky in the compost…all about compost

4.      Get wriggly…all about worm farming

5.      Get water wise…all about caring for our water

6.      Get ready to party…celebrating world environment day June 5th

7.     Get growing…creating an edible garden

8.      Get energy wise…all about being energy wise

9.      Get into recycling…all about reducing, reusing and recycling

10.    Get happy…all about sustainable celebrations

Program deliverables

The three-year subscription provides members full access to all the online content, including:

  • 60+ minutes of get grubby streaming videos across the 10 units
  • 30+ minutes of dirtgirlworld streaming animation and music video clips relevant to the topics covered in theget grubby Program
  • 10 activity kit PDFs featuring over 5 hours of practical activities and 24-100 pages of content for each unit
  • 10 Achievement certificates
  • 10 Educator guides featuring comprehensive notes and ideas for each unit
  • Free access to get grubby Pinterest boards
  • Free access to
  • Member discounts on dirtgirlworld smart seeds, music, merchandise and fundraiser kits

Program content overview

3-7 minutes of bespoke video for each unit
Each unit contains online streaming videos hosted by dirtgirl and scrapboy featuring the topics to be covered along with demonstrations and challenges. There is also congratulation video message from dirtgirl and scrapboy that can be played to participants when they have completed each unit. See below sample video from the get happy sustainability unit.

Activity Kits

12-15 tasks encompassing over 5 hours of practical activities for each unit

The PDF activity kits are downloadable for onscreen viewing and printing. They feature hours of practical activities for participants to get involved with for each unit, including outdoor play and tasks to make and do things at their centre; indoor individual and group activities to add to their own dirtgirlworld scrapbook and take home to share with their family; embedded links to interactive educational games and streaming video treats to keep them engaged and reward them along the way throughout each unit.


Printable activities

Each kit features printable activity sheets for participants to complete and these can be added to their own dirtgirlworld scrapbook and taken home to share.


Achievement certificates

A printable and shareable certificate for each unit
Each unit includes an achievement certificate that can be personalised for the centre or individual, which participants can proudly share with friends and family.


Club dirtgirlworld

The kits also feature activities that link to, which is a moderated site where participants can choose their own avatar and have a voice in dirtgirlworld, literally. They can record their own voice, which is then re-recorded by dirtgirl and added to their avatar; they can join in campaigns and activities relevant to the unit they are learning and add their hopes, dreams and wishes in a happy and safe environment and then share them with friends and family.


Educator guide

Each unit is accompanied with a comprehensive educator guide to ensure that they have a great understanding of the topics and activities to be covered and how best to communicate and excite participation with their young learners.


Pinterest boards

dirtgirlworld creates and sources additional inspirational content ideas that educators can access and contribute to for each unit. The Pinterest board will grow organically over time to ensure that new ideas and inspiration are added so the get grubby community thrives with new and interesting content.